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Quake done Chopped (PC) - Easy 100% with just the Axe - 1:12:14

Published 2005


(0) Index

(1) Introduction
(1.1) What's Quake done Chopped
(1.2) History of the project

(2) The Movie
(2.1) Installation
(2.2) Running the movie
(2.3) Solving playback problems

(3) More details about the demo
(3.1) Timing
(3.2) How the run was recorded

(4) Statistics

(5) Credits and contact info
(5.1) Credits
(5.2) Utilities used
(5.3) Contact info


(1.1) What is Quake done Chopped?

Quake done Chopped is a run through Quake on skill 0 (Easy), killing
all monsters except zombies, using only the axe. A decision was taken to
skip zombies entirely, as it isn't possible to kill all of them anyway,
well, at least not in a reasonable amount of time. Surely someone crazy
enough could figure out ways to kill all the zombies, but by doing it
this way we were able to use the catchy line of "No zombies were harmed
during this production!" :-)

We wrote a special progs (QdCstats) for this project, which removes all
ammo and all weapons. In the old project (while the project was still
named Quake done Axed -- look below for more info), demos were recorded
with the normal QdQstats progs, meaning you collected ammo and weapons as
you went along.

(1.2) History of the project

Quake done Chopped dates all the way back to June 22nd, 1998, making it
one of our longest running projects. Back then the project was called
Quake done Axed, and it was started by Ilkka Kurkela and Evan Wagner.
The name changed to Quake done Chopped when the project re-opened again
on August 29th, 2003. The 'old' project nearly got halfways, before certain
issues put a lid on it. We even had to re-record all the demos that had
been made, as the old demos had been recorded using the 'normal' QdQstats
patch, which meant they still had weapons and ammo :/ But we came through,
and the final result is quite good, better than anything we had hoped for.

(2) The demos

(2.1) Installation

First you need to find your main Quake directory. This probably has the name
"Quake" and will contain such items as your Quake executable programs (such
as quake.exe, or winquake.exe, or glquake.exe...) and your Id1 subdirectory.
(Mac users may be more used to the term "folder" than directory.)

You should make a subdirectory of this main directory. Give it whatever name
you like; for the purposes of these instructions we will assume you have
called it "qdc". In DOS, you can do this by changing to your main Quake
directory and then typing "md qdc" at the prompt.

Autoexec.cfg will be outside the .pak file, so you can set your own

The file should contain three files which should be extracted
into the qdc directory. These three files are:

autoexec.cfg - preference settings
pak0.pak - contains all the data for the demo
qdc.txt - this text file you are reading

(2.2) Running the demos

Now to run the movie, start Quake with the command-line option "-game qdc".
In DOS, you should change to the main Quake directory and then type "quake
-game qdc" (or "winquake", or "glquake" if appropriate.) On a Mac, you
should press the option key whilst starting Quake in order to be able to
enter command-line options.

The demos are played from a menu interface, so that you can choose to play
the whole game, or individual episodes, or individual levels.

Using the menu should be mostly self-explanatory! There are just a few
additional things you should know about using it.

Whilst playing a demo, you can press F10 to stop and return to the menu.
If you are playing a sequence of levels, such as the full run or an episode,
then you can press F9 to advance to the next level. You can set the viewsize
and crosshair settings that you prefer in the options menu. The function
keys F1 through F5 let you alter the speed of the playback. F1 is slow
motion, F2 is normal speed, F3 is fast forward, and F5 lets you play the
demo backwards if held down (only available in JoeQuake).

(2.3) Solving playback problems

Some versions of Quake have some problems playing back very long demos. We
have used every trick and hack we know to try to solve these problems, but
it is possible some will have slipped through for your Quake version. If so,
please tell us so we can fix the bug. But in any case, any errors shouldn't
ruin your enjoyment of the movie. You can use the menu interface to play it
one episode at a time, or to play any individual level.

(3) More details about the demo

(3.1) Timing

Just a quick explanation of why we say we completed Quake in 72:14. We
recorded every demo separately and then connected them together, adding the
times for the four episodes plus the end level. We did not count the times
on the start level since, as you probably know, Quake never displays times
for them, and apart from that they're not really interesting to run.

(3.2) How the run was recorded

We recorded each demo separately, on skill 0 (Easy), of course without
any cheating. To start with the correct stats we ended the previous level
with, we used a QuakeC patch that allowed us to select the statistics we
started with.

We recorded Quake as one big run because Quake was made to be played each
episode in a row, and not as separate levels. And we did it by connecting
single demos together because the final product is a lot more interesting
that way and entertaining, and we could include some very cool tricks that
we couldn't do had we recorded it in one sitting.

(4) Statistics

Level Map Running Time Kills
Introduction START
The Slipgate Complex E1M1 Jozsef Szalontai 0:38 10/10
Castle Of The Damned E1M2 Jozsef Szalontai 1:02 16/16
The Necropolis E1M3 Thomas Stubgaard 2:29 8/31
The Grisly Grotto E1M4 Thomas Stubgaard 2:04 22/22
Ziggurat Vertigo E1M8 Thomas Stubgaard 1:53 17/17
Gloom Keep E1M5 Robert Axelsson 1:32 18/18
The Door To Chthon E1M6 Thomas Stubgaard 1:33 11/14
The House Of Chthon E1M7 Mathias Thore 0:15 21/21
Episode 1 - Dimension Of The Doomed 11:26 123/149
Introduction START
The Installation E2M1 Jozsef Szalontai 1:25 18/18
The Ogre Citadel E2M2 Thomas Stubgaard 1:44 17/20
The Crypt Of Decay E2M3 Thomas Stubgaard 2:38 14/18
The Underearth E2M7 Thomas Stubgaard 2:49 28/43
The Ebon Fortress E2M4 Daniel Hansson 2:51 18/27
The Wizard's Manse E2M5 Jozsef Szalontai 3:02 21/21
The Dismal Oubliette E2M6 Thomas Stubgaard 5:20 23/31
Episode 2 - The Realm Of Black Magic 19:49 128/178
Introduction START
Termination Central E3M1 Jozsef Szalontai 1:06 28/28
The Vaults Of Zin E3M2 Jozsef Szalontai 1:15 13/28
The Tomb Of Terror E3M3 Jozsef Szalontai 1:29 14/25
Satan's Dark Delight E3M4 Jozsef Szalontai 2:50 20/25
The Haunted Halls E3M7 Thomas Stubgaard 2:00 22/32
The Wind Tunnels E3M5 Tom Nguyen 2:20 25/25
The Chambers Of Torment E3M6 Thomas Bergendorff 4:32 34/34
Episode 3 - The Netherworld 15:32 156/197
Introduction START
The Sewage System E4M1 Jozsef Szalontai 1:08 26/26
The Tower Of Despair E4M2 Jozsef Szalontai 1:33 19/19
The Elder God Shrine E4M3 Thomas Stubgaard 1:50 24/50
The Palace Of Hate E4M4 Thomas Stubgaard 4:31 38/38
Hell's Atrium E4M5 Thomas Stubgaard 2:11 19/45
The Nameless City E4M8 Mathias Thore 3:58 17/46
The Pain Maze E4M6 Thomas Stubgaard 5:04 35/35
Azure Agony E4M7 Tom Nguyen 2:29 22/31
Episode 4 - The Elder World 22:44 200/290
Introduction START
Shub-Niggurath's Pit END Tom Nguyen 2:43 16/16
Quake done Chopped 72:14 623/830

(5) Credits and contact info

(5.1) Credits

Basil de Vries Running
Daniel Hansson Running
Evan Wagner Running
Ilkka Kurkela Running
Jozsef Szalontai Running
Mathias Thore Running, Programming, AVI
Michael Hudson Running, Programming
Richard Skidmore Running, Programming, Bad Poetry...
Robert Axelsson Running
Thomas Bergendorff Running
Thomas Stubgaard Running, Co-Ordination
Tom Nguyen Running
Will Marsh Running

Music in menu and end credits: Hatebreed - Beholder of Justice

(5.2) Utilities used

The utilities we used included:

LMPC by Uwe Girlich for decompiling
and recompiling demos so we could use the convenient LS format. Also Uwe's
DEM specs were very useful for us in creating our own tools.

Some in-house utilities:

DemoRelise (unreleased) to make demos that fit into a continuous run.
Demtool for various editing.
Ifix , to fix intermission views.

We also made use of a compression tool (DZIP) that works way better then
usual ZIP-programs on demos and PAK-files. It's highly recommended to get
this tool from

(5.3) Contact info

For QdQ news and future projects, check our page(s) at:

For general comments to QdQ or SDA, email is listed at

Thomas Stubgaard - December 20th, 2005.

Run time 1:18:07
Production Company Quake done Quick
Audio/Visual sound, color


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